Coaching cancer survivors to move forward & live well

Cancer isn’t over once treatment is over….  Many struggle with the aftermath in different ways, as described  by Dr Peter Harvey, Consultant Clinical Psychologist:
“…once heard, the diagnosis of cancer can never be forgotten. Whatever your prognosis, whatever your hopes, whatever your personality, the second that you know that you have cancer your life changes irrevocably.”
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Coaching is a very practical way to support you in finding your way forward from the cancer experience.
We INSPIRE, EMPOWER and EQUIP people affected by cancer to move forward and live well.
LYLAC is the place for profound knowledge and experience, for individual support and workshops.
Both co-founders have personal cancer experience and are qualified life coaches (one is also a GP). They are the first pioneers since in the field of coaching people affected by cancer in the UK.

Update: October 2020:
Given the Coronavirus outbreak, we won’t be able to support you face to face unfortunately until further notice. The good news is that you can still get support as our 1-2-1  coaching services will be provided on-line at the moment. This could be by phone or other visual channels like Skype, Zoom, Teams, Whatsapp video, Facebook Messenger video or FaceTime. Just get in touch if you need support.

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