A COACHING TESTIMONIAL  from one of our participants:

The video above illustrates how Linda’s cancer experience is used as a springboard to really go for her BIG dream after thinking about it for many years! “I now have made a recorded solo album of songs. There was no sign of any of that before LYLAC.”  More video’s to watch can be found here.

What participants valued about our workshops:

* ‘Sharing experiences helped me realise the what I’m experiencing at the moment is normal, thank you!’
* ‘Having time to focus on my future’
*  ‘I am still in the recovery stage but am feeling so much better.’
*  ‘I did not know what to expect but it was exceptional and learned a great lot which has done me good.’
* ‘Becoming aware of what stops me and how to manage’
* ‘Feel really motivated after today’
* ‘Isabel and Jo are great facilitators’
* ‘I enjoyed listening to others and especially the coaches’ own experiences’
* ‘The handouts and images have been very helpful’
* ‘Empowering Course!’
* ‘The whole day was affirming’
* ‘This was a great workshop’
* ‘Wonderful presenters’
* ‘I have got so much out of listening to your and others’ stories.’
* ‘Excellent and positive course’
* ‘Lovely day! I’ve got a lot out of today!’
Overall score for the workshop over the last 10 years: 9.8 (out of 10). 
Feedback on our LYLAC workshop from the Spire Hospital
LYLAC Workshop at the Spire Hospital
LYLAC Workshop at the Spire Hospital

“Isabel and Jo have conducted a workshop at the Spire South Bank Hospital for those who have finished their primary cancer treatment and are looking for practical ways to move forward again. The feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive”.

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