The video above illustrates how Linda’s cancer experience is used as a springboard to really go for her BIG dream after thinking about it for many years! “I now have made a recorded solo album of songs. There was no sign of any of that before LYLAC.”  More video’s to watch can be found here.

On 14th of May 2016, Isabel and Jo have conducted a workshop at the Spire South Bank Hospital for those who have finished their primary cancer treatment and are looking for practical ways to move forward again. The feedback from the group was overwhelmingly positive.

Click on the image for the post and positive comments by the participants shared by Spire South Bank Hospital on their Facebook profile.

They have worked hard developing a programme that has resulted in a
thoughtful and motivating workshop.
They have a real talent engaging the participants and supporting them
to identify a personal plan of how to move forward after cancer treatment
in a fun, energetic and safe environment.

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I feel like I have my life (and body) back and can now move forward.
Cancer is my past and it will not rule my present or future.
I was determined not to let cancer redefine my sense of who I am:
LYLAC has helped me to achieve that aim. More testimonials from Linda here.


It has been our good fortune to run the LYLAC workshops in the Macmillan Centre and Southampton Central Library here in Southamtpon. The engagement with the facilitators and their enthusiasm, knowledge and empathy has been a real joy. We have been able to offer this course to a vulnerable group, secure in the knowledge that it is ethical, well presented and offers sound content and of real benefit to our client group. The LYLAC workshops provides a gateway for them to meet and explore this uncertainty and their feedback has been tremendously positive.
I have no hesitation in recommending LYLAC and long may our association with Isabel and Jo continue.

I enjoyed learning about moving forward. It’s been hard work but fun, inspiring, practical and energising. I have been able to put into place “how to move forward” from a very stuck place.

I enjoyed the reflective learning. It gave me skills for life. Wish I’ve done this much earlier. I’ve been growing as a person (awareness). Confidential discussions with other cancer people and sharing experiences & beliefs, anxieties & goals in life have been extremely helpful. The 2 coaches with personal cancer experience was an absolute bonus. No need to explain what I’ve been through.

From the moment I was introduced to the concept of LYLAC at Breast Cancer Care’s ‘Moving Forward’ Workshop I was intrigued and couldn’t wait for the session to begin. The course gave me a insight in to the valuable work that they do and I knew it was something I wanted to pursue on my own in more depth.
As soon as I went back to work I knew that the job I was doing was not the right one for me. Every fibre of my being told me it was wrong. Something had to change. I needed to do something different but had no idea what that was or where to start looking. I needed help and focus and that’s where LYLAC stepped in and I met Isabel as one of their coaches.
She was never going to simply hand me the ideal job on a platter, I knew that, but what she did do was focus my mind as to what exactly that job would look like and all it would entail, so that when I did come across it, just three months later, I knew it was the job I had been hoping and wishing for. It was like meeting a partner for the first time and just knowing that they are “The One!”

I’ve learned to be kinder and listen more to myself. Acknowledge my achievements & values. I know I have to be more positive and push the boundaries and found practical ways how to embed this in my life. Using goals to help move forward has been so useful. I feel overall more positive and confident.

The LYLAC programme helped me with a guided plan, to put order in my life, rather than let life order me. I feel more in control of my life again after a long time feeling in limbo after I finished my treatment. Recognise that I can be happy with small changes and every small change is a positive step forward.

I learned to make more ‘ME’ time… Give myself permission to do what I want… To do more with emphasis on pleasure for self…

Stop procrastinating. Make a plan and stick to it! Be honest to myself, be attentive to myself. I’m not going to be afraid of failure anymore.

The group size was good and everyone got to talk and share. Both coaches were enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable about all the topics. Very well organised, good presentation skills, very informal, interesting and inspiring. The fact that they both have had cancer was an absolute bonus! I enjoyed meeting others in the same position as mine. It gave me time to think, to speak  and to listen about my/others feelings.

Thank you for an informative day that has helped me to think differently about the life I now need to adjust to. I really enjoyed the workshop and find it really interesting. What a worthwhile day! I’m glad there is LYLAC!

I just wanted to say a much belated thank you both Isabel and Jo for the inspiration and motivation to get off my backside and back to work.
I have been teaching at a primary school now for 4 weeks and loving it! I was slowly on my way to “getting back on the horse” but you two inspired me to properly get going and so I did!
The LYLAC coaching day was brilliant and you both are just wonderful coaches. A great life-affirming day. Thank you!