Cancer Coaching

cancer coaching

The impact of cancer and how it affects us is different for each of us and it can help you know that it is normal to experience confusion and that you are not alone in it. 92% of people affected by cancer find life after cancer harder than cancer treatment, so you are not the only one who might struggle at the moment. The end of treatment is often the beginning of a new chapter; a curvy, and often lengthy process of physical and emotional recovery, where a professional coach with personal cancer experience can offer you practical support.

Our 1-2-1 coaching is focusing on:

  • learning from the cancer experience,
  • getting to terms with the cancer experience,
  • what you can do to deal with the physical and emotional impact of cancer (treatment and side-effects),
  • recognising and acknowledging common emotions,
  • (re)connecting with your personal values, beliefs and strengths and using these to support yourself,
  • reframing unhelpful thoughts,
  • meeting and managing your ‘Gremlin’,
  • how to become/stay motivated to implement positive change in your life using social connections, gratitude, kindness, and self-care,
  • how to move forward from the cancer experience (setting goals, action planning and self-care).

The individual coaching support usually takes 4-6 sessions of 1 hour over a timeframe of 3-6 months.  We like to keep things fair and apply a sliding scale related to what you earn, so the coaching support is available to everyone.
Another option could be to apply for financial support from a local (cancer) charity to help you pay for the coaching.
The reason we charge for our work is because LYLAC is not set up as a charitable organisation; we prioritise spending our time and energy helping individuals directly, not fundraising.

The individual coaching takes place face-to-face if you live locally. Alternatively, we coach by phone or e.g. Zoom.

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