LYLAC™ for Cancer Survivors

For most people who experience cancer, the challenges don’t end when the treatment has finished. We will all move through this process differently as we are all unique individuals.

Most common challenges:

  • loss of confidence
  • fatigue
  • long-lasting side-effects of treatment
  • unexpected (strong) emotions
  • questions about the meaning of life
  • how and when to get back to work
  • financial issues
  • testing the bond of relationships
  • serves as a wake-up call
  • shifts priorities

You might wonder “who am I now?”. Or struggle to get back to work, to get your confidence back or question shifts in your relationship(s). It might be challenging to adjust and adapt to this new situation and find a new balance.

The impact of cancer and how it affects us is different for each of us and it may help you to know that it’s normal to go through a time of confusion and you’re not alone in this.

The end of treatment is often the beginning of a new chapter; a recovery process where a professional coach with personal cancer experience can offer you practical support. To help you to learn from your cancer experience and to move forward again by setting goals and action planning. You will feel more in control again and have more clarity about your future, what you want to achieve and how to make it happen.
The support is offered on a 1-2-1 basis and in regular free 1-day workshops in the Hampshire – Dorset area (more area’s to come)

Need support in moving on?