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Live Your Life After Cancer

Hi, we are Jo and Isabel. Together we run LYLAC. Although we have very different backgrounds we have both experienced cancer and through that have become aware of the enormous gap in care.
As a GP, Jo knows both the strengths and the shortcomings of the healthcare system.
Isabel has an engineering background. We’re both qualified Life Coaches and we work together with our different skills and experiences.
After people have completed their treatment they are often left alone to try to handle the effects their illness has had upon them and their lives.
This is where we come in with our holistic LYLAC support programme. We offer both group and individual support. We strongly believe in the principle of “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”; we teach cancer survivors the necessary skills so that they are able to support themselves now and in the future.

Be Inspired + Empowered + Equipped
The programme offers different aspects :
1. to look back, reflect and learn from your cancer experience,
2. come to terms with the experience,
3. empower and equip yourself, using your own inner strengths,
4. create a plan for your future to help you move forward.

NEW!! We are looking for Volunteers to help us reach more people affected by cancer.
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95% of our clients report a significant increase in their confidence, motivation, clarity about the future, control and overall quality of life…
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What we do

LYLAC is a Social Enterprise, based in the Hampshire – Dorset area. It supports people affected by cancer (or any other impacting illness) with living well, by offering tailored coaching sessions for:

  1. Cancer Survivors (and partners): providing workshops and individual support.
  2. Health and Social Care Professionals: providing cancer follow-up clinics, educational workshops and more.
  3. Employers: by supporting employees affected by cancer in their process of returning to work.
  4. Cancer Charities: by adding coaching to their existing support services.


Cancer_Coaching_MixThe combination of professional Life Coaching and personal cancer experiences has shaped LYLAC into a unique support programme in the UK.
Over the last couple of years hundreds of participants, each in different ways, have rated the LYLAC programme with an average of 9.4 out of 10.
LYLAC works closely together with local hospitals in the south, in partnership with several (local and national) support groups and with several leading cancer charities.

Quotes :

Breast cancer care logo“I have had the pleasure of working with LYLAC in the delivery of Breast Cancer Care’s Moving Forward courses in Bournemouth and Southampton since September 2012.
We know that once hospital-based treatment is complete, this is only half of the story; there are many on-going issues and concerns facing people living with and beyond breast cancer.
Adjusting and adapting to life after treatment therefore can be a real challenge and so accessing the right support at this time is crucial.

LYLAC has been instrumental in providing sessions which enable people to reflect on their experience and develop practical skills to move forward.
As qualified life coaches with personal cancer experience, they offer a unique insight and real understanding of the impact of breast cancer on the individual. With empathy and warmth they work holistically, looking at the whole person, to motivate and empower; reassure and guide.
Their sessions are invaluable in helping people to identify personal needs and goals and begin to take steps forward with renewed confidence.
I am delighted to be able to collaborate with LYLAC on our Moving Forward courses and see the great benefit of Isabel and Jo’s expertise in supporting people affected by breast cancer.”

Kate Croxton
Head of Services South
Breast Cancer Care
Macmillan_logo_300“It has been our good fortune to run the LYLAC workshops in the Macmillan Centre and Southampton Central Library here in Southampton for some years.
The engagement with the facilitators and their enthusiasm, knowledge and empathy has been a real joy.
We have been able to offer this course to a vulnerable group, secure in the knowledge that it is ethical, well presented and offers sound content and of real benefit to our client group.
The LYLAC workshops provide a gateway for them to meet and explore this uncertainty and their feedback has been tremendously positive.
I have no hesitation in recommending LYLAC and long may our association with Isabel and Jo continue.”
. x.
Jo Reeves M.A. (Ed).  T.D.C.R.  F.A.E.T.C.  D.C.R.(T)
Macmillan Centre Manager

University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

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