Health Professionals

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Coaching people affected by cancer.

Until recently the mid and long term impact of a cancer experience has been largely ignored, but now we know that there are still major stages to be gone through after treatment has finished integrating the experience, as well as significant physical effects which can provide on-going challenges.
Cancer isn’t only affecting someone’s physical well-being, but it has also impact on relationships, work, finance and confidence just to name a few areas.

With our LYLAC programme we give people the opportunity to:

  • Look at the bigger picture and become aware of how cancer has impacted their lives,
  • Learn from others (peer-support),
  • Acknowledge emotions and learn how to manage them,
  • Explore personal needs, values, saboteur, motivation to best support themselves,
  • Create their personal plan to move forward by goal setting & action planning.

Benefits for health professionals: patients require fewer appointments, have less anxiety and take more control over their own health issues.
We often have an extra chair available in our workshops for medical staff dealing with cancer patients. Of you’d like to attend one of our workshops, please get in touch.

LYLAC’s support programme in a nutshell:

  • Holistic approach
  • Inclusive (open to anybody with any type of cancer)
  • Inspiring and Empowering
  • Practical, simple and uplifting approach
  • Effective (on long term)
  • Local support and Adaptable to (local) needs
  • Economical (up to 20 individuals can be helped in 1 day in workshop formula, reducing burden on healthcare)

The graph below is showing some results of a feasibility study done with Southampton University in 2012-2013, illustrating how coaching has helped cancer survivors in different areas. Click on the image if you want to learn more about this study.

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